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Live your life with more ease and pleasure

AVANTUUR organizes ten times a year "travel" to the center of your personal universe. The place where your outlook on life and your experiences occur.

In about nine days time, you are walking the path of the Avatar® and discover a whole new world. A world that was always there, but you could never experience it like this before. A world where you will feel at home and where you take responsibility for your outlook on life, your experiences and for everything you want to realize.

The journeys of AVANTUUR are not for thrill seekers. The program that you are going to follow is not exciting or scary. You will be escorted the entire path. The steps you will put seem at first glance almost too simple, but your insight is growing by the day and the view you get on your own universe will increasingly surprise you.

In nine days time, you learn to recognize old beliefs, you dare to recognize them more easily and get the tools to resolve the beliefs that daily limit you. You'll be experiencing unprecedented peace and quiet. Perhaps for the first time in your life.

Liesbeth Dinnissen    Bert van der Neut


Imagine ...

you worry about your regular business, experience always the same problems and maybe you're even considering a drastic step (separation, dismissal, quit your studies or otherwise) ... and that the world after nine days Avatar looks much brighter. That you can really feel what is now needed for you.

Imagine ...that you stick to the thought "so I'm made" and live your life as it is today, instead of going out to explore something better. A life with much more ease and pleasure to live.

Imagine ...that there is a way whereby you feel more able to tackle everything in life with courage and that you feel more powerful and energetic than before.

Imagine ...that your own life and the lives of the people around you can become much nicer, but that you rather invest in a holiday because that is desperately needed to recover ... and so next year.

Imagine ...that you hesitate because the Avatar course costs money, but that converted for a small amount per year your life could have been much happier and that all that time you could have been much more successful.

And finally imagine, that you think this story is a sales pitch without proof and then later you hear that already some 200,000 people enjoyed the program and have successfully passed.


Can everyone join us on this trip?
The program can be followed by everyone. The youngest participants were eight years as we know, the oldest well over 80 participants. There is also a growing group of young people who follow the program. This life is particularly peer pressure and media pressure through very large.They also learn not to live from a reaction to events, but take control of the life they want to lead.

Do you have to be spiritually grounded for this trip?
The path of the Avatar is walked by people who have little or not have been engaged in developing their mental faculties, and by people who have been involved with spirituality.

Should you have problems or is walking the path always a good thing to do?
The beauty of this path is that it is a gift to everyone. Whether the path starts from specific problems, or looking for more meaning, peace and fun. The effect is obviously not for everyone the same, but an increase in vitality and energy, more courage to be who you really are and a stronger feeling that you lead the life you want to lead, are recognizable to all participants.

Are there any contraindications to this path to go?
When people have severe symptoms and are being treated by a doctor we want them to have contact with their practitioner. Usually there is no obstacle.

Can you make the journey in stages?
Avatar The program has three parts. The first part lasts two days, the second about five days (sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little shorter) and the third part about two days. You can decide when you want to follow and which parts of them or not succession planning. Many people plan part 1 and part 3 in a weekend. The five days for part 2 are generally easy to arrange. After the course you feel better what obstacles you put on yourself with these decisions, but also the space that now no longer do.

Do I have to book the whole trip?
No, ok, but not necessarily. You know beforehand which does not start and you can experience as an obstacle. You can also separate the parts books and see what it offers you. If you post part 2 feel that the journey has not commanded you what you want, you may even reclaim your money. The beauty of this scheme is that you really can experience freedom.

In the past twenty-five years a small number of people used this option. Most students can not wait also to share experience and 3 are delighted that they have completed the journey. Section 3, namely the part where you actually start applying tools and fully experiencing what it means freedom from the face life.












Planned courses

25 Feb - 4 Mar, 2012 Avatar Cursus 1-2-3, Orlando, Florida USA
10 - 18 Mar, 2012 Avatar Cursus 1-2-3, Egmond aan Zee - Hotel Zuiderduin
28 Apr - 6 May, 2012 Avatar Cursus 1-2-3, Berg en Dal - Hotel Erica
12 - 20 May, 2012 Avatar Cursus 1-2-3, Berg en Dal - Hotel Erica

Note: You can follow the three parts as one course, or you can split the course in sections to follow. So for instance you can start with part 1  later in a week and go on with part 2 and/or 3 on the next course. Please contact us and we look at the possibilities with you.

  030 320 0704   




A backpack full

Do you experience that your backpack is getting fuller and fuller?
With all the things you should think about? With all the things you need to arrange each day? With your own expectations and those of others?
The weight of our personal backpack usually only increases during lifetime. It literally lags your pace and you have less energy and less fun.

By following the path of the Avatar you make your backpack lighter. You experience less and less burden, throwaway the things that bother you will experience that the weight of things that stay in the backpack, feel much less.



The compassion project

BannerThe purpose of the organization behind Avatar is the quest for a world in which people stop acting from their primitive instincts, fears and beliefs transmitted, but live act deliberately and with compassion to others.

Besides the development of the Avatar materials, a few years ago the organisation started the Avatar® compassion project.

Harry Palmer, the man who has developed Avatar®, comments:

  • "What we have to solve is how to make care and compassion more valuable than self and other non-durable goods.

  • Earth is the only spacecraft that we have. Future generations will have their greatest efforts on creating solidarity, the world has less and less need for super powers and increasingly friendly tribal.

  • The solution we seek is more coordination and cooperation, a greater focus on service to others. We need to be global citizens.

and he concludes with:

  • Have you ever felt the warmth of the morning sun on your face? Feels like the transmission ofthe infinite, it inspires kindness and love and compassion. And it brings tears to your eyes andcompassion in your heart.

  • Let the amount of compassion grow to improve the planet ... "


Is this Harry Palmer trustworthy?

When we heard the first time about the Avatar course we decide to google. It sounded so different, and although we noticed the positive results in the live of our friends, we were somewhat reluctant.

On the internet we found many positive stories alongside a few negative. There are a people who called Avatar sectarian. Others point to the fact that Harry in his younger years was associated with Scientology and that the Star's Edge is profit organization.

Our personal experience is that it is an organization with above average integrity in all its facets. You are encouraged to (re)discover your own will. People who have done something obviously in common, like Avatar are a bit different. They are more aware and confident. This contrasts sharply against the environment sometimes.

It is a fact that during his younger years Harry Palmer was associated with Scientology. He has taken away and all his experiences and knowledge, as his knowledge of the Vedas and ancient Buddhist wisdom, is incorporated into the Avatar program.

The third aspect of criticism is precisely the reason why Star's Edge is  so very effective in its mission to achieve something big in the world. It is an organization that does not depend on grants, gifts or whimsical directors or shareholders.




About the Avatar ® Course

The Avatar ® Course was developed in the late eighties by the American Harry Palmer. Meanwhile the course is spread worldwide (for over more than 70 countries).

The strength of the relatively short course (nine days) is that you learn to give guidance to your mental abilities. Barriers which ensure that your own life is not easily, are easily resolved.

Anxiety, pain, old, ingrained habits and indoctrinations systems (thou shalt not ...:-)) disappear in an almost playful manner.
Most people who have followed the course, marks at the end of the course that they can hardly believe that it was that easy. Accustomed as we are to long, painful and complex forms of therapy.

During part one of the course, there are a number of exercises that are performed simultaneously by participants, but during the Avatar program you mostly work alone and at your own pace. After each task you have a brief consultation with your master about the results you've experienced.



We regularly organise introductions. The program has both a informative part, as a part with practical excercises. This workshop costs € 7,50. The whole program takes about three hours.

Interested? Please send an email to  of call us at (0031) (0)30 3200704. Together we can find out what possibilities there are to organise a introduction.






Compassion Cards

Maybe you've seen them already or not yet, but the compassion project is supported with small compassion cards.

The cards shows five sentences that help you to feel compassion for people that you are irritated by or otherwise affected. Whether it is your 'mother in law'  (okay a bit cliché), your boss, your spouse or a neighbor.

Whether your avatar will follow or not, you can always order tickets.  They cost 5 euros for a set of 50 (plus shipping costs).

Any card that helps you use the amount of compassion in the world to increase.

Click on the image above for a kit to order


When you help others professionally

Professionals who support or help other people - like teachers, nurses, carers and managers -are at increased risk of overload.

There is the desire to help and make a difference. On the other hand there is the constant pressure of  organizational goals. There are many people in this position who wrestle with their role and the balance between work and private life. This often leads feelings of demotivation, preburnout symptoms or even an actual burnout. The following holidays should be achieved for the battery to recharge. Do you recognize this in yourself or someone you know?

The path of Avatar helps you to get more from your source/power to live. That goes for everyone, but people working in education, health care or in a managerial position, it is essential to that innerstrength and experience to use. The result is that less energy 'leaks', more space and tranquility, and that you are much better able to your role / function.


About us

I started as a nurse. Then I shifted my attention to one of my passions, photography. Since finishing art school in 1992 I work as a portrait and commercial photographer and I organize regular photo shoots from my own company. I am also a mother of two sons at puberty.

Because I wanted to know myself better, I started with `Zijns-orientation` in 2001. A beautiful vision of life. It was not easy  to translate the new insights into my daily activities,but I could live with that and I was not actively looking for more.

One evening I went along with someone to an introduction of Avatar. At first the vision had not really impact on me. I knew the words, understood the exercises and that was what it was. The fact that only a few weeks later I decided to start with Avatar, still amazes me. It is a happy surprise, because what I have always understood with my head suddenly became lucid experiences. All things fell into place. Suddenly I could deal with restrictions that I had known for years, 

My own path was such a good experience that decided to become an Avatar master. I now combine photography with supporting people during the Avatar course. I notice that Avatar is not only bringing people closer to themselves, but also closer to each other. For relationships with the people around me and the future of our world, I find that very valuable. If we can be in this world without suffering from old beliefs, pain and anger, we can do things with consciousness. We are less concerned with questions of guilt or with what other people are doing to us. 

I experience every day more space to my life purpose to fulfill. That's my motivation to inspire others to go this path - Liesbeth Dinnissen

Until recently I was director at a school for primary education. Before that I was a businessconsultant and Corporate Fool.In all these roles I have done wonderful things, but I also felt that it was just not what I wanted to lash out. Not for others. Not for myself. I was often tired, gave away my energy and was frequently sick.

During the introduction to Avatar, I was not immediately enthusiastic. In fact. I felt a lot of resistance. How could these exercises help me? I allready meditated, had read everything on this field and I was in a way also comfortable with my life.

The fact that I now assist people during the Avatar course says a lot. Especially during the third part of the course I experienced how I sabotaged myself, and others. After discreating old beliefs ("I must do it myself, I must help others to be liked, etc.), I felt a great peace come over me. I felt energetic, and physical symptoms were less. I was much less annoyed by the bustle around me. I felt more than ever the need to take responsibility for my own life.

From the freedom, space and peace that I now experience I want to inspire people to go on this nine-day trip. It improves your own life and that of the people around you. - Bert van der Neut




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The three parts of the Avatar®Course

In Part I of the Avatar®course covers some ideas about the relationship between beliefs and reality. These ideas are subjected to various tests and surveys, so you can decide for yourself whether that relationship exists.

The exercises of Part I are a kind of warming up. They take you behind the scenes of your consciousness. They give you a first insight into the blueprints that you have built your life on . The journey results in a deeper, more compassionate and aware state of being.
Part I is offered as a 2-day workshop with information, demonstrations and experiential exercises. Part I costs € 267.75 (incl. 19% VAT, hotel not included)

In Part II of the Avatar®course  you gradually learn to use the instruments. You will discover your own mental programming and you develop your ability to the reality of your preference. At this stage of the path you will discover more and more  why certain aspects of your life have been the way they were and what you can do to correct it.
You gradually change the parts of yourself that bothers you. Self-sabotaging beliefs are exposed before they can do you more harm. Stress gives way to relaxation. You learn how to experience reality without judgment, separation or distortion.
Part II takes 4 to 5 days to complete, depending on what you find. Part II will cost € 535.50 (incl. 19% VAT, hotel not included)

During part III of The Avatar®Course your develop your ability to eliminate the things that bother you. You pick the obstacles that prevent you from living from your Source. Part III, you work - as part II by the way - mostly alone. In supervised orders an Avatar master expands your knowledge with very powerful tools to make even the most basic belief structures discreate.

You also learn to work with procedures that allow you to change body sensations, interpersonal conflicts, dependencies, limitations, persistent conditions, compulsions and (with or without words) and the beliefs of others to change. If you are able to manag every aspect of your life from a creator's viewpoint, you have achieved the state of an Avatar.

Part III takes 2-4 days to complete. Part III will cost € 1576.75 (incl. 19% VAT, hotel not included).

This part is relative to the other two parts more expensive and perhaps that raises a question on this subject. For some people it's immediately clear what the whole course will offer them, but for some it's at forehand not clear what it will bring. So for these people there is the opportunity to  experience first  the added value of Avatar for their live. That's the reason why part 1 and 2 are offered for cost.
The cost of Part III is the fee for days that the entire exercise to master.

Do you think that it is a lot of money? In a way it is. Especially if you need to free up the money or borrow. On the other hand, it is our experience that the path of Avatar is "priceless". You invest in your own future and that future will be really different.  It is more value for your money than you can imagine now.



Any person who is Avatar, shifts the collective consciousness toward greater tolerance and understanding. By helping yourself with Avatar at the same time everybody will be helped.



The latest book

BannerThere have been several books written about Avatar. The most famous book is "Life by choice". 
The newest book is "The Avatar Path '. If you're curious, but a decision like / can take on yourown voyage of discovery, then this book is a good start. You'll be reading many aha moments.Things are becoming clearer.
If you feel that this path will bring you where you have been looking for, call us for an introduction.'The journey' reading gives you knowledge and insight, it really do offer you the experience andthe tools to make everyday actually shape.
The English version of the book "Life by choice" is free to download.
The Dutch version of both books can be ordered via the website of Avatar Netherlands. To go directly to this site please click here.


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Possible reasons - despite your desire - not walk this path, are the result of (limiting) beliefs.Whether it's about time, or need money. The first step you take is the bravest ...
and the rest will follow :-)



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